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Transforming commercial, residential and even warehouses spaces in key city centre locations.

Welcome to DP Matthews

Where We Build Your Visions

We are a forward-thinking property investment company transforming commercial, residential and even warehouses spaces in key city centre locations into stunning apartments. We also build brand new apartment complexes in equally desirable locations. We are strong, experienced property developers with an extensive portfolio spanning the residential, commercial and hospitality sectors.


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Why Choose Us?

Established in 2009, the company has gone from strength to strength. Whilst at the forefront of investment in London, our portfolio expands well beyond the Midlands with developments being built across the country with a wider focus on the city centre commuter belt.


Using our extensive experience, we can help you succeed.

Many Properties

We operate and manage hundreds of properties all over the UK.

Large Scale

We transform not only residential, but also commercial properties.

Best Support

We have representatives working to ensure help is always available.

Tips for Success

Property development is clearly as vulnerable to fluctuation and wider economic change as any other industry. And unlike other businesses, in property development when things take a turn for the worse, there are very few ways to cut costs or reduce overheads. With our extensive experience, we have many steps to reduce these risks.

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Location is Key

It is important to remember different people value location in different ways so, for example, young professionals want to get into town quickly but families with children tend to avoid living by main roads.
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Rent & Sell

It is important to buy a property that is suitable for both resell and rental, so as to maximise your opportunity for profit. The two markets do not necessarily go in the same directions; often as one declines the other will pick up.

Are You Ready?

If you’d like to speak to us about a range of fantastic property investment opportunities that are available right now, get in touch you could get return of up to 12% - just sit back and let your money work for you.